又有另外2個人自殺了(Two More Suicides)

2012年3月12日 星期一

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Two More Suicides

A few years ago, in an earlier Conspiracy of the Rich (COR) Update, I wrote about three suicides and two arsons in my neighborhood.
Sadly, there were two more suicides recently in my neighborhood. The economy has claimed two more people. This time, the two people are friends of mine. They were good people, and I miss them.
My two friends were a married couple. He was a famous radio personality, and she was active in high-end charities. They were leaders in our city.
Why the suicide, no one really knows. I do know they were in financial trouble due to the real estate crash. Just how deep they were in trouble, I don’t know. I also heard they had medical problems, which added to their financial problems. Both were my age.
Last year, Richard Duncan, who writes a blog on the Rich Dad site, warned me about this type of personal tragedy. Richard explained that millions of people are living on savings and reserves. If the crisis lasts longer than their reserves, the real personal crisis appears. It seems this is what happened.
After the crash of 1929, there was a saying that went, “Watch out for falling bankers.” When the stock market fell, so did bankers. They could not face their losses.
In the 2007 crash, there were fewer bankers committing suicide. This is because our government is bailing out the bankers with bonuses.
Unfortunately, you and I do not get bailed out.
If you are in trouble financially, or have friends and loved ones in trouble, please seek professional help. There are agencies set up to assist you in dealing with your financial problems.
Money is not worth dying for. I know, because years ago, while nearly a million dollars in debt, suicide was an option. Rather than run, rich dad suggested I write down all the mistakes I made and then seek help. If I made accounting mistakes, I talked to an accountant. If there was a legal mistake, I talked to an attorney. That was my way out. That is how I got smarter.
These are not ordinary times, and I’m afraid the crisis is going to get worse.
If you find yourself in trouble, be humble, take the time to write down the mistakes you’ve made and why you made them, and then seek professional help.

Even if you are in financial trouble, these are times to get smarter, not to despair.
Take care of yourself, and thank you for supporting COR.
Robert Kiyosaki


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